Chrystal Robertson

Crystal Roberston


Chrystal, the artist behind Kleque Method is a self taught multidisciplinary artist and designer. She expresses her artworks through beadwork, illustration, jewelry design, painting and sculpting.

With a daily art practice for over 8 years, Chrystal has developed a truly unique art style and an identity in the local creative community. She is inspired by character illustration, graffiti/street art, architecture, nature and fashion. 

Chrystal is an active member in the indigenous community and is a member of Norway House Cree Nation. She has Cree/Métis and English background and recently started exploring beadwork as a way to connect to the indigenous community. 

Chrystal herself is very much like the art she designs. Her work is often loud, bold and bright in colour - her pieces are designed to bring joy to the collector or to people seeing her work in passing.