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Moon Time Prayer Journal

Moon Time Prayer Journal

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What stories are girls told of womanhood? Are they of strength, grace, and creativity?Not long ago, they heard whispered tales of impending curses. Physical changes were clinically defined in textbooks, but not spoken of openly. Embarrassment was mandatory. Shame assured. What narratives will inform the women of tomorrow? Written for young girls and women of all ages, Moon Time Prayer offers an inspiring perspective. Over strawberry leaf tea, we join young Sparrow as her Auntie and Grandmother share the sacred teachings of women's Moon Time.

Indigenous wisdom, passed through generations, is offered in this playful, yet powerful, story.Kim Anderson, Cree/Métis author says: “This is such an important book, as it will assist us in reclaiming traditions of the sacred feminine that once were common among our people. Every girl should have a copy!” Author, Cindy Gaudet Ph.D., invites readers to engage in a lifelong connection with the power of their natural cycles. Change the narrative and celebrate the first rite of passage with Moon Time Prayer, featuring breathtaking artwork by Leah Dorion, and a 28-day moon journal.

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