Brenna Emile

Brenna Emile

Cree/Metis | Ukrainian

Brenna, a creative soul hailing from Southern Manitoba, embodies a tapestry of cultures — Cree/Metis from her mother’s side and the echoes of Ukraine from her father’s lineage. As a sewer, beader, medicine bag maker, and painter, she weaves her artistic spirit into every facet of life. Passionate about cultural exploration, Brenna delves into the richness of her heritage and the diverse nations surrounding her home on Vancouver Island. Eagerly embracing Cree and Michif languages, she navigates the linguistic nuances that connect her to the roots of her ancestors.

Beyond cultural pursuits, Brenna wears the hat of a loving mother to two beautiful souls. Her home, a lively sanctuary, resonates with the chatter of birds and the playful antics of three feline companions, creating a vibrant jungle where life flourishes.

During her off time, Brenna immerses herself in the natural wonders of Vancouver Island — harvesting, biking, riding, swimming, hiking and camping. Nature, for her, is not just a place; it’s a canvas waiting to be explored; a sanctuary where she finds solace and joy.

In the symphony of Brenna’s life, each note is a celebration of her diverse heritage, her love or creativity, and the beauty found in the untamed landscapes she calls home.