The Collective

Aunty Collective is owned an operated by Indigenous Aunties

Sarah Rhude, Alysha Brown and Megan Whonnock, who have a combined 55 years of experience working within Indigenous community and Indigenous-focused departments within the Arts and Culture, Education, Social Development, Administration and Advocacy sectors.

We share our artistic/professional practices both within community and professionally including painting, drum and rattle making, moccasin and leather work, beading, regalia making, designing, sewing, sculpture, multi-media, singing, dance, performance, drumming, theater and medicine making. We have curated art exhibitions, exhibited multi-media art, and performed in theaters, festivals, community events, conferences, schools and more, on Vancouver Island and beyond. We are educators, social workers, youth workers, administrators, academics, artists, parents, grandparents, and community members. We consult and provide professional development within the aforementioned sectors. Our experience and skills are a testament to our strength in relationship building and the trust we hold within our various and shared communities. We look forward to welcoming you into our Indigenous Art, Culture & Learning Hub!

The Collective

To create an accessible commerce platform for Indigenous peoples and a place for all to access authentic Indigenous works.

Moccasins, regalia, beaded and woven jewelry, leatherwork, medicines, drums, rattles, and more; contemporary and traditional works, from ready-to-wear art to heirloom pieces are available in our shop.

Our Story

The Aunty Collective Indigenous Creative Practice Hub addresses the need to reframe our relationship with Western systems in a way that honours the natural agency of Indigenous peoples to work and learn from within our own ways of knowing and being.

Here, we enact sovereign creative practices, create art/ cultural programming, and host gallery, studio, rental and retail space where Indigenous artists are fairly compensated for their work. We are an Indigenous women/Indigequeer owned and operated, trauma-informed art and culturally focused creative space. Aunty collective supports and creates capacity and access to authentic, creative, Indigenous practices, and creates a space that is accessible for allies to witness and learn more about our lives/stories/creative practices.

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