Krista Amyotte

Krista Amyotte


I am Icelandic on my mother’s side and Michif on my father’s. I’m a life long learner of all things related to plant medicines and ethnobotany. Over the past two years I’ve been loving connecting to my Michif culture by teaching myself to flat stitch bead.   

Lately I began sewing patches on the back of upcycled jean jackets, using beautiful materials that bring me joy; kokum scarves, ribbon skirt end pieces, velvet, Métis sashes, botanical prints, as well as textiles I brought home from a recent trip to Mexico. Indigenous fabrics from around the world inspire me and I love sewing and creating with the beautiful colours and patterns. I’ve named my sewing project Licorice Fern Designs and am having so much fun.  

I grew up sitting around my gramma’s kitchen table making crafts while she cooked, this is where I felt I most belonged.  I make things now to regain that feeling of belonging and connection and I’m honoured to share my work with you through the Aunty Collective.