Pamela Russ

Pam Russ


Hi, my name is Pam Russ, I am Nisga'a. My late father Luuya’as, Jacob Russ, was from Laxgalts’ap.

I respectively acknowledge that I have lived on Lekwungan lands for 30 years. 

I moved to Victoria in 1994 to attend Camosun College and then UVIC. Like most others, I decided that it is too beautiful here to move back and have called Victoria home ever since. I have worked for the Victoria School district for 23 years in the Indigenous Education Department as a student counsellor in many different schools and with every grade. 
I think I have always been a sewer,  both my mom and gramma were sewers and I guess I just picked it up from them. I find sewing ribbons on material very relaxing and buying material is definitely theraputic.