Nicole Mandryk

Nicole Mandryk


Nicole Mandryk is Anishinaabe, Irish and Ukrainian and her traditional name is Niibinobinesiik (summer thunderbird and the physical representation is the loon). Her mother’s side comes from Oka yet were disconnected from community through the Indian Act. Her mother grew up in Ottawa and her father’s side are Ukrainian and settled in Winnipeg. Nicole and her sister were born and raised on the traditional territory of the Lekwungen, Esquimalt, and WSANEC nations. She is a grateful guest on these territories and raises her hands to the caretakers of the land, skies and waters.

Nicole is a visual artist who is dedicated to Anishinaabe art practices. She is inspired by Anishinaabe stories, art, land, language, and songs. Nicole has been engaged in performative arts through Indigenous showcases and has been asked by community to compose and share songs. These songs have been sung by “The Wildflowers”, “ANSWER” and the Lafayette String Quartet for the project “B.K Weigel/Lafayette String Quartet Legacy Project”. She is also an emerging Beader. She has been beading since 2014 and continues to seek opportunities to grow her art form.

Nicole’s mentors are Lindsay Delaronde (Mohawk), Jessica Gokey (Anishinaabe) and Lynette La Fontaine (Metis). Her work is featured in two shows at the Legacy Art gallery “On Beaded Ground” (2021) and Qw’an’qw’anakwal: To Meet Together (2021).