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Brianna Bear

Salmon, Steqya, Camas and Garry Oak Branch Greeting Card

Salmon, Steqya, Camas and Garry Oak Branch Greeting Card

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Lekwungen'athun is what we call our Language of the Land. Lekwungen, the place to smoke herring lands of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations in Victoria BC have many stories and imagery. In this design, I wanted to add imagery that reminded me of not only the land, but of my language that I am still learning. Starting at the bottom of the design, I drew Salmon to represent the memories of having Salmon nearly daily as a child and also to remember the importance of this animal. In the middle you will see two Steqya (wolves) to represent the family ties I have to these lands through my fathers side of the family. Then finally right above the wolves are Camas flowers and branches of Garry Oaks; in Lekwungen territory we are known for our camas flower bulbs that taste like potatoes and the Garry Oaks that support the growth of these flowers.

  • Blank Interior
  • 5" x 7"

Brianna Bear | Songhees | Namgis | Kwakwaka'wakw

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