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Brianna Bear

"Protector" Digital Art Print

"Protector" Digital Art Print

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When it comes to growing new life, those that are carrying may find themselves holding their bellies or find that their partners will also hold your belly. This type of touch is the first type that our babies feel from their parents; the yellow wave length designs on either side of the belly are there as representations of the emotions you go through and changes in the carrier of the baby, the star in the middle of the belly is there to represent the baby that is being carried.

Often as parents we hear that we are bears, whether you resonate with the term mama bear or papa bear I wanted to show this by means of a bear head on one hand and the other with little bear paws. Personally, I see the bear as a sign of protector and safety force child that is to come.

6"x8" Hahnemuhle Bamboo Print

Your Hahnemuhle Bamboo Print is the world's first Fine Art inkjet paper made from 90% bamboo fibres. It meets the most stringent age resistance requirements, and offers unique combination of sustainable bamboo fibres, soft surface texture making your art environmentally friendly, ultra matte and finely-crafted.

Brianna Bear | Songhees | Namgis | Kwakwaka'wakw

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